Towards viticulture

In a peasant family with a passion for the agricultural and oenological world, grandfather Ermenegildo, when he was about 18 years old, decided to start the winemaking activity.


A wine that is increasingly appreciated

Over the years, the wine produced by grandfather Ermenegildo was increasingly appreciated and began to be sold directly to the activities of the territory.


The 'taj di Gildo'

The name of Ermenegildo, thanks to the goodness of his wine, begins to be known also in the city. It became customary to order a “taj di Gildo“. Then the personalised bottles with the label “Gildo“ were born.


The sparkling wine

Passion, combined with respect for the land and the desire for innovation, led the company to make an important investment: the equipment for making sparkling wine. Then the production of Gildo sparkling wines began.


Doc Prosecco Friuli

“An energetic, tireless worker“, this is the memory that grandfather Gildo left to his children and grandchildren. While respecting tradition, the company decides to project itself into the future. A new production was born: the “Doc Prosecco Friuli“.


The farm

The company, now consolidated and also known beyond the regional borders, created a farm for a trip to the rediscovery of life in the agricultural world.



A new line of our own wines is released: RONCO DEL BACCO.