Sheltered by the cold winds of the North and not far from the Adriatic Sea, the Friuli Colli Orientali represent a unique territory, with sunny slopes and verdant hills, with a natural vocation for the vine cultivation. The Celts and Romans already knew this, thousands of years ago, as the connoisseurs of the whole world know it today.

The secret of quality in the Colli Orientali wines is the marly and sandy soil, born from the sedimentation of the lagoon that once covered this area and into which our vineyards and our tradition sink their roots. We of the Azienda Gildo are proud to belong to this territory and we consider ourselves lucky to find ourselves in a geographically privileged location, with ideal exposure and microclimate for our vineyards.

The territory of the “Friuli Colli Orientali” DOC includes the hilly strip of the province of Udine, for a total of over 2000 hectares of vineyards.

Friuli Venezia Giulia
Warm and temperate
Composed of marls and sandstones
Cividale del friuli

The production area

The “Friuli Colli Orientali” DOC wines are born in Friuli Venezia Giulia, in the hilly area that embraces the city of Cividale. This territory, rich in natural beauty and important historical and artistic treasures, offers the possibility of an unforgettable experience.

Along the roads and paths that wind through woods and vineyards, you can appreciate the splendour of the verdant hills and reach places of great historical and cultural importance, such as Cividale del Friuli, Bosco Romagno, the Rosazzo Abbey, the Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin of Castelmonte, etc.

Those who decide to visit Friuli and the Colli Orientali come to a land that offers unique emotions and combines nature, history and taste in a sublime way. In addition to landscape and culture, in fact, those who visit this place also appreciate the rich offer of food and wine, with a typical cuisine that goes perfectly with the “Friuli Colli Orientali” DOC wines.

From the whites, such as Friulano and Ribolla Gialla, to the reds, such as Cabernet Franc and Schioppettino, each wine accompanies the traditional dishes of Friuli in a delicious way in a tasty combination that allows each visitor to experience and appreciate the different facets of this beautiful region.